Dirt Showdown

We've recently crafted the signature sound design and mix production of all five Dirt Showdown shorts and a massive, in your face TV campaign promoting the game, currently being aired on prime time TV across the globe. Setting out the creative audio brief, we had a fantastic time making these, working closely with the

super-talented chaps down at The Trailerfarm.


The Dark Knight Rises, WWE Rumblers, Hotwheels

Big Bit called us in to create the sound design from the ground up,

for the new Mattel Apptivity range of toys and games. The Dark Knight Rises, WWE Rumblers and Hotwheels are amongst some

of the exciting titles we've produced with Big Bit.



Earlier in the year we worked with the Boss Alien and Natural Motion. Designing the sound for the chart topping CSR Racing - App Stores Editors Choice. It was a natural thing for Boss Alien to get us on board. Engine sound design and racing games are close to our hearts,  so this was a great project to design and consult on. We even added our own touch of music in the mix. We're proud to be on board this 1/4 mile drag racer!


Clay Jam

Fat Pebble requested our creative juices to flow, in creating the original and comical sound design for their surreal clay characters. What a laugh that was, there's nothing like feeling slightly disturbed after performing the voice of Von Jiggery Pokery.